So what exactly are dental veneers?

They are ceramic (usually Porcelain) or other composite resin-based ultra-thin shells, which are affixed onto the front of the patients’ teeth.

The simplicity of the procedure involved  requires little to no anesthesia to perform.

Many patients ask: “are these durable?” and the answer is yes: once affixed, veneers will handle most, if not all, of the forces that they will be subject through from a normal diet.

The result: A set of teeth that deliver a beaming new smile while also being fully functional!

  • Malformed teeth 

  • Discoloured teeth 

  • Unsightly teeth gaps 

Crooked teeth

In some instances, veneers can serve as a better alternate for patients who may be considering dental crowns and because they last for a long time, are relatively cheaper and comparably painless (compared to other dental procedures) to install, they make the ideal choice for dealing with a number of dental issues.


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