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Pediatric dentistry

Good oral health is important for children of all ages. It can help to prevent tooth decay and other dental problems, and it can also promote overall health and well-being. Pediatric dentists are experts at providing preventive care, such as cleanings and fluoride treatments, as well as early intervention for any problems that may arise.

Childrens services:

  • Dental exams & cleanings

  • Fluoride treatments

  • Cavity fillings

  • Tooth extractions

  • Orthodontic treatment

  • Dental sealants

It is recommended that children visit the dentist for the first time by the age of one, or within six months after their first tooth appears. Regular check-ups and cleanings are important for maintaining good oral health, and the Pediatric dentist can provide guidance and advice on how to care for your child's teeth at home.

At the Lakes clinic you can expect a welcoming and child-friendly environment. Our specialist and staff are well trained in techniques to help children feel comfortable and relaxed.

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